The best development programme you have never heard of.

RMP Pro® is the only development programme that is based on a future-oriented model of management by individualisation. It focuses on hidden needs, preferences and strengths of every employee, as well as precisely defined productive comfort zones.

We have created a model transformation programme, steering organisations towards task-oriented partnership communities. This marks the next stage of development of human consciousness in the management of self, the team and the business.

What’s the difference between individualisation and customisation?

Customisation happens when you respond to conscious employee expectations. Individualisation goes one step further. It allows you to address their hidden desires, which is extremely empowering. It makes them feel as if they were getting the perfect gift every single day. This will take you very close to setting up an ultra effective team that plays together.

Science for business

The RMP Pro ® programme is powered by the Reiss Motivation Profile ® methodology. This solid research tool allows you to clearly see people’s evolutionary needs and values, to tell what and to what extent motivates them. This model is a kind of an audit, based on which we identify the source of trouble in our company, department, team, and we develop and then implement a corrective programme.

Reiss Motivation Profile® gives us a key to decipher the inner system of needs and rewards. It is a specific and very thorough scientific method, showing the range of desires that need to be met to achieve high performance in every business area.

… …

The productive comfort zone. Where the FLOW arises.

RMP Pro ® is a development programme in which no one has to leave their comfort zones. We make every person aware of his or her inner desires, identify the natural comfort zone and place him or her within it. We do this relying on RMP profiling, which ultimately leads to achieving the FLOW on the team and absolute transparency in organisational management.


Technology and the like.
How does the RMP Pro ® development programme work?

We have … key unique features:


We depart from training in favour of individual support in your work environment.


We profile and define individual comfort zones. On this basis, we launch the RMP Pro development and correction programme.


We leave but our know-how stays with you. We embed knowledge in the organisation so that the programme can go on without our presence. The programme never ends.

What is more, every programme is individually tailored to the developmental and corrective needs of organisations, managers and teams.

Here’s what our process looks like:

Phase 1

The participants carry out the RMP profiling, which provides the basis for next steps, planning of development activities and implementing changes. Analysis of the status quo, identification of problems and definition of the productive comfort zone of the employees, teams and organisation.

Phase 2
Deep immersion

Practical sessions with every manager in his or her work environment: on-the-job training (8 to 12 meetings). Implementation of individual development programmes for management (the RMP methodology).

Customised development sessions based on an individual approach, teaching managers how to manage self, the employees and the team.

Phase 3
Go with the flow

Continuation of the growth path – follow up – at the business and personal level. Creating space/structures within the organisation to maintain employee motivation and performance. Assistance in the development and improvement of procedures. Effective support for ongoing organisational objectives. The developed habits, measures, tools and forms of activation are introduced into the company’s management system.

What do we fix?

The RMP Pro® methodology enables us to successfully solve a number of organisational problems at a time. Sounds too good to be true, but with the subsequent implementation stages, the multi-faceted nature of the RMP Pro® becomes stunning.

The pivotal point is what we call the conscious inner direction. Here, every employee and team manager discovers and explores his or her productive comfort zone. In this zone, every RMP master works with a manager to teach him or her how to maximise performance and stay true to self.

During the programme, we address:

Poor sales performance

Discover who is naturally talented to sell and develop them accordingly. Sellers learn about their strengths and find out how to analyse customer needs and, as a result, boost sales performance. The sales manager will learn how to set objectives in line with the sellers’ inner needs.

Support in conflict situations

You will identify the true reasons for conflicts inside your business, between colleagues or leaders; you will uncover different perspectives and issues; you will find the common ground to arrive at the most constructive solution. By the way, you will learn how to manage diversity.

Internal motivation

Motivation means the consistency between our inner needs and what we do. You will learn what your employees need and what drives them to work with joy. You will reduce the duration of the development process, as it will be perfectly suited to every individual.

Supporting the teams in the change process

Discover how to implement new technologies in your business without any stress, introduce new selling standards, products and how to manage change to inspire excitement. Learn how to lead your reports with zero stress through the change and succeed.

Employee retention problems

Create a work environment for your employee which makes them eager to come to work. Give assignments that suit them and are within their comfort zone to achieve the flow. Never mind the generation gap. Match the assignments and challenges to people, not the other way round.

Recruitment problems

At the end of the process, we will show you how to match people’s personalities to the team and organisation. While it’s easy to check competence, it’s different with personality and match. That’s why recruitment makes sense when we know people’s inner needs. We will understand what personality type will complement the team or what manager will be able to lead the existing team.

The FLOW in business. The key to ultra performance

FLOW is a mental state of being energised for action, in which work goes smoothly and is well done. It is the feeling of doing what you love and devoting yourself wholly to it. It brings joy, peace and satisfaction. These are things your employees rely on to build their self-esteem.

It is a giant leap towards finding joy in your work, and especially in high performance. Wouldn’t it be perfect to provide teams with a proven structure that will make them FLOW?

Unconscious needs (RMP)

Consciously defined objectives (SMARTer)

When training, coaching and promises of bonuses and benefits no longer work, management often turns to the stick. It sometimes works, but only in the short term. Let’s not fool ourselves. Without identifying the true reason, we can’t solve the problem.

A way to achieve the FLOW is to identify the inner desires of your employees (RMP), and then to set the objectives and communications to make them consistent with the desires (and not only with the SMARTEer principle, which is not enough). We have an effective model to do this.

Go turquoise

RMP Pro does a great job in transforming aggressively managed and hierarchical organisations into task-based partnership communities. We call them turquoise communities. Top economists share the view that this is the organisation model of the future, a guarantee of productivity, commitment and staff retention.

The problem? Everyone wants to dash towards turquoise, but few know how to do this. The RMP Pro approach is a missing link between what science has been telling us for decades and what business desperately needs now — management by individualisation.