An Assessment of Intrinsic Needs, i.e. the Reiss Motivational Profile


How to purchase?


Within 24 hours* of the payment being credited to our account, you will receive an e-mail with a link and a special code to register to the Reiss Motivation Profile® portal.


The profile is created on-line – you only need a computer or other device with Internet access.


It takes about 20-25 minutes to complete the on-line questionnaire consisting of 128 statements. You can do this at any convenient time.


Next, within 24 hours* you will receive an e-mail containing your individual motivation profile in PDF format. It consists of 2 elements: a graph presenting your individual values for each of the 16 life motives and a descriptive part containing information about you.


Together with the report you will receive a 10-minute MP3 recording with our certified RMP-Master presenting you with an individual analysis of your report.

* We aim to send both the link and the profile as soon as possible. At times when our office is not operating (e.g. during weekends), the waiting time may be extended.

Why is it worth ordering a motivation profile with a report and MP3 recording (10 min. report discussion)?

The detailed report will tell you:

  • What really drives you – you will learn your individual values for each of the 16 life motives.
  • Which of the 16 motives or needs are significant and important to you (motivational drivers), which are average, and which are insignificant and have no impact on your motivation.
  • What are your strengths and how to develop them and use them consciously?
  • What motives may be guiding your actions?
  • Why is communication with other people sometimes so difficult?
  • How may others view you?

Apart from the report you will obtain your RMP profile analysis prepared by a certified RMP-Master. The analysis will be prepared in the form of a 10-minute MP3 recording (sent to you in the form of an e-mail attachment or a link), and will tell you:

  • Which ones of your individual motives are the strongest and what might this mean to you.
  • What are your individual motive combinations, which motives reinforce one another and which of them have a negative impact on each other.
  • Recommendations for further development.