A Couple Package: Two RMP Profiles + a Common Discussion.

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How to purchase?


Within 24 hours* of the payment being credited to our account, you will receive 2 e-mails with special codes to register to the Reiss Motivation Profile® portal. Both profiles should be completed independently from one another.


The profile is created online – you only need a computer or other device with Internet access.


It takes about 20-25 minutes to complete the on-line questionnaire consisting of 128 statements. You can do this at any convenient time.


Next, within 24 hours* each of you will receive an e-mail containing your individual motivation profile in PDF format. It consists of 2 elements: a graph presenting your individual values for each of the 16 life motivators and a descriptive part containing information about you.


After you receive your report, you will be contacted by an RMP-Master in order to arrange a date and form of the feedback interview, which is a discussion of your couple’s profile. You will determine whether this takes a form of an eye-to-eye meeting, a telephone conversation or a skype call.

* We aim to send both the link and the profile as soon as possible. At times when our office is not operating (e.g. during weekends), the waiting time may be extended.

Why is it worth it to order a couple’s motivational profile (2xRMP with a common discussion)?

The detailed report will tell each of you:

  • What really drives you – you will learn your individual values for each of the 16 life motives.
  • Which of the 16 motives, i.e. needs, are important to you, distinguishable (so called motivational drivers), which have an average value, and which are insignificant and do not have a great impact on your motivation
  • What are your strengths and how to develop them and use them consciously?
  • Which life motives may be responsible for your behaviour?
  • Why is communication with other people sometimes so difficult?
  • How may others view you?

In addition, your individual discussion with the RMP-Master will help you interpret the results for you as a couple and draw practical conclusions depending on your situation and the reason why you decided to get to know your motivation profiles.

During the discussion:

  • You will discuss your individual profiles and the most important conclusions that arise from them for you as a couple.
  • You will analyse the common elements, i.e. motives and needs, which are at a similar level for both of you.
  • You will analyse the elements that are different for each of you, i.e. the needs that you have at a completely different level. These are particularly important elements, as different life motives may cause conflicts.
  • The RMP-Master will answer your questions.
  • You will analyse the situations that reflect your (different) life motives and what this implies for you as a couple.
  • Together you will analyse in which areas you have the greatest potential and what actions can be taken to improve your life.

The meeting takes up about 75 minutes and may be held in person or remotely (via phone or Skype). Even before meeting with a Reiss Motivation Profile® certified expert, you can send issues that are of particular interest to you and that you would like to discuss.