Why is the client’s intrinsic motivation so important in the work of a coach? We have been invited to give a lecture in the Polish Coach Association

We discussed this topic in the Polish Coach Association in Warsaw, sharing our knowledge and scientific approach to intrinsic motivation.

On 7 May 2014, we had the pleasure to give a lecture in the Polish Coach Association: “Reiss Motivation Profile® – How to motivate successfully?” In the coaching process, the client’s intrinsic motivation is particularly important, because whether the client implements the changes in his or her life largely depends on his or her decision, responsibility and determination. If the coach knows the motives of his or her client, the effectiveness of the coaching process increases significantly and the client can reach their goals in a shorter time.

The meeting will be held in PAŃSTWOMIASTO – 29 Andersa Street in Warsaw – ON THE 1ST FLOOR

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