What sets successful leaders apart? We have published the results of research conducted on 253 women in Business & Prestige

Do we become leaders the moment we take up a management position? Not always. These two roles require different attitudes, competences and skills. What is the characteristic feature of successful leaders, then? Can any one of us become a leader and inspirer?

We have analysed 253 results of Reiss Motivation Profile tests taken by women who hold managerial and leadership positions: managing and operating directors in marketing, finance and production departments, presidents and members of management boards, across different sectors: manufacturing, trade, banking, insurance, FMCG.

You could expect that this rather homogeneous professional group should exhibit a unique combination of specific needs and skills that make up a manager and a leader. However, the analysis of the motivation profiles of the participants revealed that… there is no such combination.

A detailed analysis is available in the article written by Ewa Jochheim, CEO of the Durkalski Institute, for Business & Prestige. You can read it HERE.

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