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Motivation 3.0 – How to motivate successfully.

The Durkalski Institute and Grzegorz Turniak, in cooperation with the Warsaw University of Technology Business School, invite you to an inspiring meeting devoted to intrinsic motivation, which will allow you to better understand yourself and your relations with other people.

At the meeting we will present the Reiss Motivation Profile®, show you how to analyse your motivation profile and present practical applications of the tool in business. We will tell you about “Management Through Motivation 3.0”.

Reiss Motivation Profile® identifies 16 life motives that determine your lifestyle and professional life. These motives integrate the knowledge about basic innate drives, such as aggression or need for closeness, with values such as accomplishment of ambitious goals, family life or honour. By learning about the motives you will get to know yourself and others better and understand how diverse people are. If the motives are satisfied, we feel happy and fulfilled.

The workshop is free. Hope to see you there!

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