The best advice to anyone who lacks motivation is…? Follow the link to the “Sukces pisany szminką” website

Katarzyna Janas not only gives advice, but also explains in detail how to motivate yourself effectively – in an interview for the “Sukces pisany szminką” website.

“Do not look at others and copy solutions that work for your colleagues. Think about yourself, devote time to yourself, understand what limits you and eliminate it to get back on the right track. Discovering your motivation profile helps you understand yourself and gives you a great tool to ensure that you act in harmony with yourself,” says Katarzyna Janas for the “Sukces pisany szminką” website. Read the whole interview as pdf HERE or under the following link:

Problemy z motywacją? Ta metoda pomaga je rozwiązać i układać życie w zgodzie ze sobą! [WYWIAD]

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