Meet us in Olsztyn! Is motivation a woman?

We invite you to Olsztyn on 30 September 2018! Our RMP Master, Magdalena Wojtkowiak, will talk at a “Bez gorsetu” (“No corset”) meeting for women about how to reach for your goals and dreams with courage and passion and how your motives can help you do this.

“Bez gorsetu” is a unique meeting for women. What makes it special? No rigid conventions, but style and class instead. You can expect wit and intelligence. The event is addressed to women who want to broaden their horizons, are open to personal development and look for opportunities to shape their lives in a conscious way! It helps women who look for support and sense of community to build self-esteem. It enables them to reflect on themselves and inspires them to make positive changes. “Bez gorsetu” are passionate meetings with exceptional speakers who have exciting stories to tell, energy to act, interesting contacts and plenty of positive thinking! Tickets for the event are available on

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