How to match a mentee to a mentor? We showed how we do it using RMP at the conference of the Mentor Forum

At the 3rd Conference of the Mentor Forum we helped match mentoring pairs with the help of profiling based on the Reiss Motivation Profile. This increases the effectiveness of the whole mentoring process significantly.

As part of the Mentors4Business programme, mentors and mentees were also able to identify the motives that drive them and to determine the match level of a mentoring pair by taking a Reiss Motivation Profile® test. The comparison of motivation profiles of each mentor-mentee pair showed where they are guided by a similar system of values and which values can lead to disagreements or conflicts.

The results of the research were presented by RMP Masters, Dorota Markiewicz-Kubik and Alicja Gotowczyc, during the 3rd Conference of the Mentor Forum “Mentoring in Business, or how a business thrives” on 29 June 2016 at the Olivia Sky Club in the Olivia Business Centre.

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