How can you get motivated to work every day? Visit and find out how you can deal permanently with motivation drops

Everyday challenges and responsibility faced by a manager are motivating on the one hand. On the other hand, they can lead to a burnout. How can you strike the right balance and where should you look for everyday motivation? And is it at all a good idea to force yourself to look for motivation?
It would seem finding motivation should be easy. We can choose from plenty of books, articles, workshops and popular TEDx talks on the subject. But a temporary energy boost fades quickly and we return to the previous state.
To deal with a motivation drop permanently, you need to answer the question: what really drives me? Finding the answer on your own may be difficult, as the way people see themselves is often biased.
This is where the test – Reiss Motivation Profile® – comes in, helping us to introspect and learn the truth. The truth about ourselves. How can this knowledge be applied in everyday life? We provide a step-by-step description HERE. You can also read the article as pdf file HERE.

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