How can you ensure that your team are engaged in their tasks and derive energy from their work? We discussed this question at the Kongres Kadry event

We discussed this topic with HR specialists at the 20th Kongres Kadry (Personnel Congress) event. When discussions continue for many days after the conference is over, we know that it was worth the effort and that modern approach to intrinsic motivation in companies is a must!

On 5-7 November 2014, the 20th anniversary edition of the Kongres Kadry & Expo event was held in the National Stadium in Warsaw. Instytut Durkalskiego RMP Polska Sp. z o.o. was one of the exhibitors during this largest meeting of HR managers in Poland. We also delivered a lecture:

“Management by motivation – an innovative management programme based on the US-developed Reiss Motivation Profile® methodology in the VW sales network.” Do you know what, and to what extent, motivates your employees? How to choose the right motivation method for each employee? Find out how you can ensure that your team are committed to the company’s objectives and derive energy from the work they do. We invite you to a presentation of the Reiss Motivation Profile® (RMP), a new motivation measurement and analysis tool on the Polish market, during which we will present practical applications of RMP in organisations. We will show you a simple and transparent step-by-step method to determine the motives and needs of your employees, to recognize their potential and plan their development. We will also share our experiences in the area of effective sales coaching.

Kongres Kadry has accompanied HR managers and specialists since 2005. It offers interesting case studies and is attended by acknowledged experts, world-known speakers and motivational speakers. The 20th anniversary edition of the Kongres Kadry & Expo event was a time of many summaries, interesting lectures and inspiring meetings.

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