A couple of months later we were sitting together in the centre of Warsaw, preparing our first training project together. After 6 years spent collaborating on different development programmes, we came to a conclusion that we would like to offer something more to our clients.

We were wondering:

  • What makes some people achieve their goals, while others fail?
  • Why are some people persistent in their actions, while others are not?
  • Why do some people enjoy every moment, even when they have nothing, while others don’t enjoy life, even though they have plenty?

When we came across the Reiss Motivation Profile®, we instantly knew that this was the answer to our questions! On 23rd December 2014, less than a few months after our first conversation with Steven, we founded our Institute under the name Instytut Durkalskiego RMP Polska. We educate, conduct training, seminars and workshops related to motivation in business and private life. We also certify RMP-Masters.

Individuality, simplicity and durable results:

We start our work every time by getting to know the customer's needs. We offer simple solutions. We are passionate about introducing solutions that will have a long-term business effect.

Our Office and Remote Work:

Our office is located in the charming Warsaw district of Saska Kępa. This is where we conduct trainings, meet our customers and future customers. We very much appreciate the advantages of remote work, as many of our partners (including Ewa) live in other cities or abroad. Thanks to the many on-line tools available we can feel like one team.

Ewa Jochheim

Founder. Reiss Profile® Intructor

I am a creative optimist with inexhaustible energy resources. I teach my sons tolerance and openness, and in my life I am guided by the principle that a "pinch of egoism" is crucial for a completely happy life. I am motivated by the possibility of self-determination and influence on my surroundings, as well as by the people I work with. After graduating from economics at the University of Munich, I worked as an M&A consultant for German listed companies. This is where I learned how important ethics is for working, networking and creative thinking. Working with people on their development over the last 10 years made me understand that nothing in life gives satisfaction, if we lack motivation and passion for what we do. I am happy to share my knowledge, through writing and publishing, e.g. the “Motivation 3.0” approach for management through motivation.

Katarzyna Janas

Founder. Reiss Profile® Intructor

I am open to challenges, so I love situations, in which other people tend to give up any hope for succeeding. This is when I help them discover their own strengths and to believe in themselves. I appreciate direct people. I value cooperation, of which, by the way, I need to be reminded daily, as I am rather a do-it-herselfer by nature. My children sometimes reproach me for this. I'm bubbly, I love travelling and I need a frequent change of perspective in life. I love being “in action” and get bored easily. That's probably why I studied at 3 universities: the Military University of Technology in Warsaw, the University of Szczecin and Justus-Liebig-Universität in Giessen. I am a German philologist by education, a manager and psychologist by choice. I have gained my professional experience in services for business, telecommunications, IT and media.

Iwona Kokoszka

Senior Consultant, business coach, Associate Certified Coach of the International Coach Federation, Reiss Profile® Master.

She deals with diagnosing intrinsic motivation and its application in professional work. Her domain is management and communication training to engage, motivate, build a brand and strengthen self-confidence. She is the author and coach of the Miss Impossible programme entitled „Odkryj swoje atuty i zwyciężaj jak kobieta” (“Discover Your Strengths and Win Like a Woman”). Author of the book „Liderki biznesu” (“Business Leaders”) – a story of women who changed Polish economy. Experienced journalist and publisher, including such journals and magazines as: Forbes, My Company, Profit, Harvard Business Review, Życie Gospodarcze, Coaching. A graduate of the Chair of Linguistics at the Department of Polish Language of the University of Warsaw. Certified as a coach by the International Coach Federation. She also holds other certificates in the field of coaching, and mentoring. She specializes in personal and organizational leadership and development.

Mateusz Statkiewicz

Content Marketing Manager

Planuję, tworzę, mierzę i ulepszam kampanie marketingowe. Zacząłem wcześnie pracować, więc mam duży bagaż doświadczeń z wielu obszarów. Moja branża jest jedną z najlepszych, żeby nie zwariować. Moim dopingiem jest życie zgodne z moimi potrzebami. Podróże wentylują mnie psychicznie. Moje stopy stanęły na 4 kontynentach i rzadko przestaję wizualizować przyszłe wyprawy. Zostałem wychowany w duchu sprawiedliwości społecznej i staram się szanować optykę i potrzeby tych, którzy mają inaczej. Takimi też ludźmi lubię się otaczać. Instytut Durkalskiego to gościnne progi, radośni ludzie i konkretna merytoryka. Jako szkiełko i oko, znajduję tu to czego poszukuję. Mocnego osadzenia w nauce i fenomenalnej skuteczności rozwiązań.

Joanna Religa

Marketing Director and certified Reiss Profile® Master at the Durkalski Institute RMP Polska.

I began my professional career with studying marketing and later developed in this area working for Warsaw-based multinational corporations. I worked for 4 years as Account Director at Saatchi & Saatchi advertising agency, and then for 9 years as External Communication Manager in IKEA Retail responsible for the IKEA brand advertising communication on the Polish market. In my spare time, I developed my passion for people at numerous development workshops and trainings, which finally lead me 5 years ago to completing coaching studies and gaining over 250 hours of practice in this profession. Two years ago, I fell in love with professor Reiss’ methodology of intrinsic motivation. Nowadays I work to combine both my professions (marketing and coaching) around one core, which in my case is the Reiss Motivation Profile®. Personally, I am a fulfilled Mother of two sons, a slow-life enthusiast and a practitioner of positive psychology in everyday life.

Monika Goszczyńska

Office manager

I am responsible for day-to-day customer service (invoicing, order processing) at the Durkalski Institute. I also provide administrative support in the recruitment process of new Masters and training projects for business clients. After 15 years of working in customer service, I came to believe there are no impossible tasks and that every challenge has an effective solution. I value the work at the Institute for its flexibility, great freedom of choices, diversity and a unique atmosphere of partnership and understanding. In my free time I like to read detective stories. And if anybody mentions travel –I’m in at once!

Prof. Steven Reiss - creator of methodology

Clinical psychologist, lecturer, author of many award-winning works in psychology and psychiatry.

More than 25 years ago, while lying in hospital, waiting for a transplant, he watched nurses and how dedicated they were to their patients. This led him to the question: what motivated them to work so hard? He promised himself that if he survived, he would research human motivation till the end of his days.

Five years later his work was successful: With 9,000 questionnaires completed by 25,000 respondents from 4 continents, Reiss Motivation Profile® (RMP) is the first tool in the world to examine and illustrate in a simple and clear way human motivation, which had been so far reduced to financial aspect.

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