88% of businesses are aware that they should redesign their organisations and make them future-proof.
Only 11% claim they know how to do it.*
We bridge this gap.
* Global Human Capital Trends Report, Deloitte 2018

Who are we?

We like getting straight to the point. We are not a training provider, so we don’t deliver any training. We come to your organisation with a mission, not to pay a visit. We focus on people, not on the process. We are not nannies. You are not our charges, because once you become a charge, you are no longer responsible.

All managers are supported by our RMP masters, but they stay in control of the action. That said, every RMP Pro® development programme is tailor-made. That’s why we have no price lists and no ready-to-go offers.

You don’t need to know what’s beyond the horizon

Uneventful times are over. Technical developments, changes in competitive landscape, growing customer expectations, new business models. You can’t stop the progress.

Traditional corporate hierarchies are being swept away by culture-oriented ecosystems. Huge changes are upon us. Here and now. And the good news? You don’t need to know what’s beyond the horizon. You just need to know where the horizon is.


Learn the Employee
Handling Manual

Discover the individual needs of your employees; what holds them back and what drives them forward. We are going to share our know-how and teach you how to develop people according to their strengths

Learn how to Manage
by Motivating

Explore the 16 hidden needs, which must be satisfied for you to be effective and committed. We will show you how to get the best out of your people and how to set their individual objectives


Check out the best turquoise tool on the market and build success on healthy, authentic relations with people and bold transparency

the FLOW

Create a happy workplace and reach a new level of consciousness. We will show you how to inspire the mythical FLOW on your team and awaken the inner drive

Forget the run-of-the-mill
training sessions

Develop leadership skills during stimulating training sessions in your own work environment. We will deliver 100% practical on-the-job training.

Strengthen the new
competences – After Care

You can spot a good development programme not by looking how it begins, but by seeing how it ends. We will guide you all the way through until knowledge is completely integrated with practice.

The Science
of MotivationTM

The RMP Pro® development programme is based on the Reiss® motivation profile. This powerful research tool uses advances in psychology to benefit businesses, describing 16 universal human desires. It maps the strengths hidden in our genes, simplifying the art of building high-performing teams and managers who play together.



82% of managers are not fit for their roles within their organisations. * Before we set out to change this, first we should understand what truly drives us, what lights up the fire, makes us go forward, breaking through the barriers and overcoming the challenges. Why are we eager to do certain things, while there is no way to persuade us to do other ones.

*Source: The Gallup Institute


We are ready to share our insights with people who are fed up with the routine and are looking for new solutions. Learn about new methodology and how to be a more effective trainer, coach and consultant. Identify your blind spots and your needs. Experience a tool that will make you train better.

You will know how to reach people’s natural desires and you will adjust your training techniques to fit their needs. During the certification, you will get to know the tool inside out and you will gain hands-on experience


What others say about us

Wioleta Wojtunik

Dyrektor ds. Nowych Sieci Dystrybucji, Fabryka Farb i Lakierów Śnieżka SA

„Reiss Motivation Profile® spodobał nam się, ponieważ jest konkretny, poparty badaniami, a przede wszystkim otrzymane wyniki są proste w interpretacji. Do zastosowania kwestionariusza przekonała nas jego uniwersalność, a szczególnie stałość motywatorów w czasie”
Wioleta Wojtunik

Alicja Gotowczyc

Prezes Zarządu Forum Mentorów

„RMP jest wspaniałym narzędziem do budowania świadomości Mentora, wspiera efektywność procesu mentoringowego oraz relacje mentorskie”
Alicja Gotowczyc

Iwona Kokoszka

Trener biznesu, coach ACC ICF

Reiss Motivation Profile® jest kwintesencją wnikliwości. Weryfikuje nasze wyobrażenia i przekonania pokazując, jacy naprawdę jesteśmy i czego chcemy. Co rzeczywiście możemy, a czego na pewno nie. Często szukamy po omacku, bo sami siebie nie znamy.
Iwona Kokoszka

Agata Węgier-Ciornei

Trener, coach, konsultant

„Jako certyfikowany Reiss Profile® Master z sukcesem stosuję profil motywacyjny Reissa podczas pracy coachingowej i trenerskiej. Dzięki niemu moi klienci rozumieją swoje zachowania, ich podłoże oraz swoją wewnętrzną motywacją będącą podstawą ich szczęśliwego funkcjonowania”
Agata Węgier-Ciornei

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