Who is it for?

Know yourself to increase your life performance.

Know your employees to increase their efficiency and your profit.

Know your needs to find the right school and set out your life path.

Companies and entrepreneurs

Valuable knowledge and a working tool for all companies wishing to increase effi-ciency, effectively improve the competence of managers and employees and prepare for new labour market challenges.

RMP profiles are the basis for training and implementations tailored individually to each organization. They enable managers to learn about the internal motivation of employees, which allows them to regulate the level of involvement, while enabling the employees to understand themselves and determine their optimal career path.

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Individuals and couples

In order to know what you can do in life, and what you definitely cannot do, which areas may be difficult for you, and which of your qualities can help you, you need to answer the question: what drives me?

The most insightful way to verify this quickly is the analysis of our intrinsic needs through the RMP questionnaire. It will tell you which areas of life give you joy and fulfilment. You will know your “internal drive”. This knowledge will enable you to set your life goals more easily, in a way which is precisely tailored to your abilities.

Based on the information contained in RMP profiles partners and spouses can rec-ognise and understand their mutual behaviour. It may also help you solve conflicts or avoid them, which makes everyday life easier.

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Choosing the right school or a profession is a challenge every young person must face. An individual RMP profile will give you a solid basis for making this important decision. RMP is a reliable source of information, as it verifies your abilities, talents and predispositions, indicating areas which are important to you. The RMP will tell you what you are good at, and how to develop these areas in order to reach the de-sired level. You will be able to identify the qualities that will support you in your de-velopment.

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  • 43 Countries
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In business

A motivation profile may be the foundation for many development activities (training programmes, workshops, career paths) for all levels and organisation areas:

  • Leader development - for the management staff – high awareness of their own intrinsic motives and needs is the first step to becoming a better manag-er.
  • Motivational profiling - based on their RMP profiles you will be able to plan individual development paths for your employees in accordance with their key values, desires and lifestyle.
  • Building a dream team - an ideal tool for team building – the RMP helps un-derstand behaviours, identify needs and realize them; identifies the causes of conflicts and helps solve them.
  • Recruitment - the RMP will allow to diagnose not only the degree to which a candidate matches the position and the company’s mission, but also his/her emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills.

In personal life

RMP is a precise human “instruction manual”. It will help you plan and build your life more quickly and more easily in harmony with yourself, improve the quality of your relationships with people, both at home and at work:

  • You will be able to understand yourself and your behaviour better, including re-flex reactions, which may sometimes cause problems and require control.
  • You will learn how to manage yourself, your reactions and your ideas.
  • You will receive detailed guidance on changes you need to make in order to live in harmony and build satisfactory relationships
  • You will learn to communicate with others better, diagnose conflicts in profes-sional, private and partnership relations and solve them rationally.
  • find out what type of work best suits your abilities, talents, needs and predis-positions.
  • partners and spouses diagnosed using the RMP method are able to define the areas which they both enjoy and which bind them, while learning about differ-ences which often cause problems in relationships.

At school

Knowing your own psychological needs and motives before choosing a school or pro-fession will allow you to make the optimal decision based on your preferences and predispositions.

  • You will find out what type of tasks and what kind of work fits you best.
  • You will begin to develop your strengths.
  • You will learn to plan and set out your goals and tasks in step with your pref-erences and abilities.
  • You will find out where some of your problems at school or in college may come from.
  • You will discover your way of life in harmony with yourself and your needs


Wioleta Wojtunik

Dyrektor ds. Nowych Sieci Dystrybucji, Fabryka Farb i Lakierów Śnieżka SA

„Reiss Motivation Profile® spodobał nam się, ponieważ jest konkretny, poparty badaniami, a przede wszystkim otrzymane wyniki są proste w interpretacji. Do zastosowania kwestionariusza przekonała nas jego uniwersalność, a szczególnie stałość motywatorów w czasie”
Wioleta Wojtunik

Alicja Gotowczyc

Prezes Zarządu Forum Mentorów

„RMP jest wspaniałym narzędziem do budowania świadomości Mentora, wspiera efektywność procesu mentoringowego oraz relacje mentorskie”
Alicja Gotowczyc

Iwona Kokoszka

Trener biznesu, coach ACC ICF

Reiss Motivation Profile® jest kwintesencją wnikliwości. Weryfikuje nasze wyobrażenia i przekonania pokazując, jacy naprawdę jesteśmy i czego chcemy. Co rzeczywiście możemy, a czego na pewno nie. Często szukamy po omacku, bo sami siebie nie znamy.
Iwona Kokoszka

Agata Węgier-Ciornei

Trener, coach, konsultant

„Jako certyfikowany Reiss Profile® Master z sukcesem stosuję profil motywacyjny Reissa podczas pracy coachingowej i trenerskiej. Dzięki niemu moi klienci rozumieją swoje zachowania, ich podłoże oraz swoją wewnętrzną motywacją będącą podstawą ich szczęśliwego funkcjonowania”
Agata Węgier-Ciornei


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