Reiss Motivation Profile (RMP)

The Reiss Motivation Profile according to Professor Steven Reiss

What is it

The Reiss Motivation Profile® (RMP) is a scientifically valid, standardized assessment of what motivates any person. Unlike other personality tests, RMP does not study the behaviour of an individual, but the basic motivators that lead to the behaviour. RMP is the key to human personality.


For whom

The Reiss Motivation Profile is very useful for managers, coaches, HR specialists, HR consultants and trainers. It is used in cases where detailed knowledge of underlying motivators is the key to success.



The Reiss Motivation Profile allows conscious and unconscious needs to be identified. The satisfaction of these needs is the basis for a successful and fulfilling private and work life. Thanks to the RMP, employees are better motivated and personnel decisions are more purposeful. This inevitably results in greater efficiency and deeper engagement of the employees.


Workshop “Motivation 3.0″


Participate in our workshop on intrinsic motivation:”Motivation 3.0 – how to motivate yourself, your team and each individual employee”. The workshop takes place in Warsaw on 8.-9.04.2015.

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Dates 2015


Become a certified Reiss Profile Master. Available dates are 16.-18.03 and 28.-30.09 2015

Meet other RMP-Masters at our “Reiss Cafe”: 15.01., 26.02., 26.03., 23.04., 28.05., and 25.06.2015 at 19:00.

Information session “RMP in Business and Coaching”: 15.01.2015 and 28.05.2015 at 17:00.

In case of questions contact us at:

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Approval from ICF


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Our certification training “Reiss Profile Master Certification” is accredited by ICF.

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Research on Intrinsic Motivation


We offer cooperation opportunities if you do research in the area of intrinsic motivation and wish to use the Reiss Motivation Profile methodology in your studies. Please contact us at:

Reiss Motivation Profile in numbers

80,000pomiar motywacji

More than 80,000 people worldwide have had their individual Reiss Motivation Profile established.


1,400 trainers and coaches are certified RMP Masters and use RMP in their daily work.


The Reiss Motivation Profile is available in 25 countries on five continents.

128test osobowościowy

To establish your own Reiss Motivation Profile, you must complete a test of 128 questions.